Develop workplace policy and procedures for

Developing a policy Employers should develop a policy setting out what is and what is not acceptable behaviour at work when using the internet, emails, smart phones, and networking websites. The policy should also give clear guidelines for employees on what they can and cannot say about the organisation. Any policy should be clear throughout about the distinction between business and private use of social media.

Develop workplace policy and procedures for

In the event of a conflict, a prevention policy will take precedence over a guideline. The policies related to occupational health and safety are published in the " Prevention Manual.

In general terms, they are published to provide workplace parties with information about how compliance can be achieved under a particular section, and the approach to compliance that a WorkSafeBC prevention officer can be expected to take on an inspection at a workplace.

The guidelines communicate information to assist workplace parties in a variety of ways. A guideline may do one or more of the following: Explain terms or phrases used in the Act or the Regulation Explain the intent of a legal requirement, or provide background or educational information to enhance understanding of a legal requirement Provide one or more suggested options for compliance Prescribe procedures, measures, standards, or training courses acceptable to WorkSafeBC Communicate the existence of a vice-president directive suspending the application of a regulatory requirement How "Enforceable" Are Guidelines?

A frequent question is whether workplace parties are required to apply the information provided in a guideline, and what are the consequences if they choose not to.

The simple answer is that whether a party is bound by a guideline will depend on the reason for, and intent of the particular guideline. Information about complying Most OHS guidelines simply provide information about complying with legal requirements that are in the Act or the Regulation.

For these guidelines, the information and examples discussed in the guideline are not, strictly speaking, mandatory in nature - other means of complying may be acceptable, provided that the objectives of the requirement in the Act Regulation are met.

Develop workplace policy and procedures for

One common use of a guideline to provide information about compliance is where a section sets out very broad based requirements referred to as performance based requirements. Many employers will want to know in these instances, "What do I need to do to meet this requirement? To accept an alternative approach to compliance, prevention officers will consider the information provided in a guideline as one source of information for deciding to assist them in determining if the chosen method of compliance being proposed meets the legal requirements in the Act.On 18 September the Department of Education and the Department of Employment were created out of the former Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Social media in the workplace. Advice on the use of social media and social networking in the workplace. Here we explore the issues, rules and guidelines for employers and employees, including cyber bullying, disciplinary procedures and implementing a social media policy.

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Workplace policies and procedures What is a workplace policy? For example, if there is a change in equipment or workplace procedures you may need to amend your current policy or develop a new one.

Employment law changes, changes to your award or agreement may also require a review of your policies and procedures. Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability The scope of the policy The type of company I choose is a Car wash company It located in Hornsby, NSW, Australia Currently only have one shop with 12 employee.

Energy usage levels. Bullying in the workplace. Workplace bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety.

Develop workplace policy and procedures for

Policies also need to be reviewed on a regular basis and updated where necessary. For example, if there is a change in equipment or workplace procedures you may need to amend your current policy or develop a new one.

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