Speech by william deiyan towah

The Jewish Na- tional Fund which is redeeming. The other, the He- crew- University. By the y-ear 1b88, Schapira had nis idea of a Univ-ersity.

Speech by william deiyan towah

By carrier ra the city by th month Tt aaata; aa ytar lata. Dally aad auaday by mall outatda at Texas aad Louisiana - aar aooata. Kamear ot th Aaaoelatad Priaa Tb Associated Praa la exclusively aatltlad ta -a aaa tar raaradaetloa ot all am dwpatchee eradltad ta It er lot otoarwlat ' eredMtd la thla aapar aad alaa all tas local aewa blithe karala.

All riahta at Namalteatloa of spatial dlapatchea harala art alao named. Price did not know that the centennial idea had al ready taken form in Texas and that the preliminaries for a San Jacinto centennial In Houston in are already underway.

San Jacinto Day and the centen Of course ' that battle was but a climax of noble effort and self-sacrifice that pre '. For that reason a San Jacinto centennial would more nearly evoke the enthusiasm of Texas people than any other centennial of our history.

Texas already boasts in the city of Dallas an annual fair and exposition surpassing any institution of the kind in the United States both in scope and attendance. If it "wera proposed to have a centennial exposition no greater than tha kf Would require more than a year to produce it even if there were no t' financial problem Involved.

To realise it will require a vast outlay of capital. The San Jacinto centennial com- memorating one of the great decisive military events of history one that set up first an independent republic and next an American com monwealth destined by reason of Its incomputable natural wealth and resources to become the greatest of American States offers everything hat Mr.

Price suggests and very much more. It re quires much time to educate the people to an adequate comprehension of It and to stir their patriotic enthusiasm in its behalf.


It also re- quires much time to solve the financial problem involved for such an enterprise would call for many millions of public money and ah even greater outlay by private individuals. The twelve years remaining until the centennial of the Battle of San Jacinto is not too long a period if such an exposition is to be com.

It is a great opportunity which lies within Houston's grasp and rarely Houston has the imagination and prowess to grasp it and build It into a mighty success.

Legislative recognition of Houston's superior.


It remains to be seen If she can plan and execute It upon such lines of splendor and consequence as would rivet the attention of the world.

It would be tar better to undertake the realization of the Houston Idea than to be content with the comparatively small enterprise of Tear's effort as suggested by Mr. It Is not too early for her master minds to conceive and shape it. In Hons tea will have a population in all probability of " Culprits Have Not Been Pardoned The suggestion from Paris that the former crown prince of Ger- anany be seiied and brought to trial by the allies.

If he leaves his place or exile In Holland and returns to Germany. Bhould be effective in dls. The trial and punisoment of those guilty of Instigating the atroci ties during the war constituted one of the war aims of the allies.

The people of France Britain and America were repeatedly assured that those crimes would not go unpunished. Reluctance on the part of the allied governments to antagonize the Dutch government and. The fail- ure to bring the former kaiser his crown prince and other high offi- cials in the German conspiracy to subdue the world through measures of frightfulness has been a never ending source of disappointment to millions of the people in the allied lands who served and sacrificed that those crimes against humanity might not be repeated.

It is clearly the responsibility of the Dutch government to restrain the fugitive Hohenzollerns.

Speech by william deiyan towah

From the allied point of view they are in Holland as exiles and undergoing punishment In Jhat form They have not been pardoned. Their sentence is not up.

They must not be allowed at large again. Not that there is any especial danger of their seizing power in Germany and again becoming a menace to Europe but in Justice to the millions who gave their all to avenge the crimes that the Hohen- lollerni perpetrated against the world.

The ruling appears to be Just and reasonable. No discrimination j Should be made between men in training for identical mmmL. Why these men In the later training camps did not receive their full JBnVj at the time.

Just as those In the earlier camps did is a question the country would like to have answered perhaps.

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The delegation is comprised of Dr. Johanna Austin Benjamin, the Director of WAHO Department of Primary Health Care, and Mr. William Deiyan Towah, the organization's Professional Budget Officer. Excellency William Deiyan Towah who until his appointment at ECOWAS was Adviser to Minister of Finance on Donor Aid to Liberia, is amongst prominent Liberians who led the call on the international.

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