The say

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The say

The passive aggressive "fuck you". We've all been a victim of it and I'm betting we've all dropped one or two of our own on a douchebag here or there.

I've rounded up some of my favorites, but I know I missed a bunch, so leave yours in the comments! It's like the hemp crowd wants their own fuck you. They will cut you for not eating your placenta or using reusable toilet paper and then at the end, The say sign off with "Namaste.

Just Sayin' - This is the most abused fuck you phrase out there. By adding these two words to the end of any sentence, it's suddenly turned into a "joke.

But you can't say "Your kids are disgusting and ugly, just sayin'" or "You're an idiot, just sayin'" and think that's OK. My standard response to this one will forever be, "You shouldn't be allowed to leave your house, just sayin.

When the rest of us say it, it sounds like "Your mom's a whore. To me that is the only way to show tone of voice until a sarcasm font is invented. I only use the sarcasm winky face on people who I knew well and who understand my sense of humor.

I would never say to a perfect stranger "You're a terrible mother.

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When you say, "Jen, don't take this personally, but let's just say I would never do it the way you did. There is nothing humble about your opinion. If you were humble you would keep your asshole opinion to yourself.

It's always used when the speaker has run out of anything intelligent to say or realizes he is going to lose his argument.

The say

It used to be "Agree to disagree," but apparently that was too many words and it has since been shortened to the charming "Whatevs.

You know what else is filled with the F-bombs? If you like this follow me on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.The Food and Nutrition Board released the sixth in a series of reports presenting dietary reference values for the intake of nutrients by Americans and Canadians.

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This new report establishes nutrient recommendations on water, salt and potassium to maintain health and reduce chronic disease risk. 17 May Northwestern Mutual honors youth advocate Sharon Zimmerman with $15, grant to Social Advocates for Youth Since , Sharon Zimmerman has been an incredible addition to the SAY Family.

As a board member, volunteer, and youth advocate, Sharon has . The Ultimate List Of What To Say To A Friend Or Family Member Receiving A Down Syndrome Diagnosis.

SHTF Plan - When the Shit Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

Angela: You can do it!! Amber: You have just been blessed with a child that will always love you, amaze you every day, and never stop making your life better. Because underarm antiperspirants or deodorants are applied near the breast and contain potentially harmful ingredients, several scientists and others have suggested a possible connection between their use and breast cancer (1, 2).However, no scientific evidence links the use of these products to the development of breast cancer.

let's say, for the sake of argument, that this is true Synonyms of say assume, hypothecate, hypothesize, postulate, premise, presume, presuppose, suppose. It is important to understand that it is what we say that matters, not what we write.

It is the sound that matters, not the letter used in writing a word. So we use a long "thee" before a vowel sound, not necessarily before a vowel.

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